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District Office
9 Mill Road 
Red Hook, NY 12571
Tel. 845-758-2241
Fax 845-758-3366
During the school year, the District Office is open Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. excluding federal holidays.  The entrance to the District Office is located in the northwest corner of Mill Road Elementary school.  Parking is available in the lot that parallels Mill Road.

Paul Finch, Superintendent of Schools, ext. 4720
Elena Maskell, Secretary to the Superintendent, Clerk of the Board, & Central Registrar, ext. 4719

Office of Curriculum & Instruction
Donna Gaynor, Assistant to the Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction, ext. 4715
Kay Gilbert, Senior Typist, ext. 4718

Joe DeCaro, Director of Pupil Personnel Services, ext. 3295**
Fax 845-758-0361
Kelly Gravino, Typist, ext. 3296**
Bobbi Racicot, Typist, ext. 3294**
**PPS staff office is located at Linden Avenue Middle School.

Bruce Martin, Business Official, ext. 4706
Fax 845-758-1093
Sheila A'Brial, Payroll Clerk, ext. 4709
Diane Koenig, Personnel Assistant, ext. 4707
Cathy Kussius, Internal Claims Auditor, ext. 4708
Kristie Lukach, Tax Collector/Account Clerk, ext. 4704
Lori McCarthy, Treasurer, ext. 4710

Perry Sheldon, Director of Facilities & Operations, ext. 4705
Fax 845-758-4562
Donna Slater, Typist, ext. 4703

Donna Seelbach, Director of Technology, ext. 4700
Kay Gilbert, Senior Typist, ext. 4718