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Our Mission Statement
The mission of the Red Hook Central School District shall be to develop in its students the knowledge, intellectual integrity, and social consciousness to prepare them to accept the obligations and opportunities found in a complex society. The District seeks to provide a challenging educational environment that fosters and rewards the values of respect, responsibility, honesty, integrity, and community service in all its members.
Vaccine Requirement for Incoming Seniors - Important
All students entering 12th grade for the 2016-2017 school year MUST have doctor documentation that they have received meningococcal vaccine or doctor documentation of an appointment to receive the vaccine before starting school in September. 

It is important to know that some doctors are giving incorrect information to parents concerning the vaccine. Mrs. Kathy Frustaci, the Red Hook High School nurse, has been in touch with the New York State Department of Health to confirm that all seniors must have the vaccine.

Students must present doctor documentation that they have received the meningitis vaccine or appointment card to Mrs. Frustaci before the start of school in September. Mrs. Frustaci has been instructed by the Department of Health to exclude any student from school that does not have this documentation. Students will not be permitted to return to school until the required documentation is received by the nurse.

Each time a student reaches his/her senior year of high school, he/she will be required to have the meningitis immunization.  

District Response to Comptroller's Report & Media Coverage
Dear Community Member: 
I have observed many misleading portrayals of people and organizations over my tenure as Superintendent. The Red Hook Central School District has recently been the target of both a misleading New York State Comptroller’s Report and a related media report.  
Here are the facts:
The June 2016 Comptroller’s Report outlined four recommendations for future budgeting. 
Recommendation #1: Adopt budgets with reasonable estimated projections, using budget-to-actual-trend analysis to project needs.  
Our Response: We provide monthly reports on actual expenditures (YTD) to the Board of Education. During our annual budget development process, District leaders review each budget line and reserve amounts for reasonableness. We regularly make conservative estimates given the unpredictability of state funding and the likelihood of unexpected expenses.  
Recommendation #2Discontinue the practice of adopting budgets that result in the appropriation of unrestricted fund balance that is not actually needed to fund district operations.  
Our response: We maintain only the allowable amount of unrestricted fund balance for emergencies. The Comptroller has taken the unusual position that unused contingency funds should be included in an unrestricted fund balance calculation. We believe this approach is wholly inappropriate and would likely lead to program reductions and wild fluctuations in the tax levy.
Recommendation #3Develop a plan to use the surplus fund balance identified in this report in a manner that benefits district residents. Such uses could include: using surplus funds as a financing source, funding one-time expenditures, funding needed reserves, reducing District property taxes.
Our response: We use our surplus fund balances to the benefit of district residents and students. We routinely apply any surplus funding to reduce taxes, make one-time purchases, and fund reserves.
Recommendation #4Review reserves to determine if the amounts reserved are justified, necessary, and reasonable. To the extent they are not, reserves should be properly reduced.
Our response: We review for reasonableness every year. And, in the absence of a predictable fiscal environment, it would be irresponsible of District leadership to reduce reserves unnecessarily and compromise our ability to adjust for unexpected events.
While we welcome the Comptroller’s opinion, I am obligated to remind community members that it is only an opinion. I believe our students and taxpayers have benefitted from our conservative approach to budgeting. This approach has allowed the District to maintain program opportunities for students, adjust for unpredictable expenses, and avoid wild fluctuations in the tax levy. 
If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at or our Business Official, Bruce Martin, at
Paul Finch, Superintendent

Alumni Survey Launched in June

Dear Parents & Guardians,

As part of our ongoing commitment to our students, the District launched an annual Alumni Survey.  Beginning with the Class of 2016 graduates, we will be collecting data on our students’ perceptions of our learning community.  We want to know whether they feel prepared for work, for life, and for higher levels of education. We want to know which aspects of our program had the most impact on them and which aspects had a lesser impact. We want to know if we missed anything our graduates feel was critical as they progressed from freshman to graduating seniors.  The input we receive from our graduates will be analyzed and used to inform plans for future improvement. 

In the fall of 2016, our Alumni Survey will be expanded to include the graduating classes of 2013 and 2011.  Surveying the young adults in these cohorts will allow us to collect more nuanced information from students who have had several years of work and/or higher education experiences since they received their Red Hook High School diplomas.

In order to collect the desired feedback, the District will launch a Twitter Feed to make seniors aware of the survey.  The feed is called “@TheRHHSSurvey,” and both the District (@rhcsd) and the Guidance Office (@redhookguidance) Twitter accounts will follow @TheRHHSSurvey.  In addition, we will be posting information about the survey on the Guidance Office Facebook page, and working with the Senior Student Council to get the word out to improve our response rate. 

The Alumni Survey of the Class of 2016 will be administered via SurveyMonkey, beginning in mid-June of this year. It is critical that students, themselves, respond to the questions so that we are measuring their first-hand experiences of the District.  Parents are welcome to email their feedback to the District at


Paul Finch, Superintendent

Policies for All Employees for 2016-17 School Year

In its continued commitment to reducing paper consumption and making resources available in electronic format, the district is making the following policies for employees available in PDF format. Staff are expected to review these documents before signing the required acknowledgement form and submitting it to their building's main office secretary.  If you have any questions about the policies, please contact the District Clerk Elena Maskell at 845-758-2241 ext. 55010. To open the policy, click on its name.




  • MySchoolBucks Parent Portal
    The Food Services Department encourages parents to use mySchoolBucks, a convenient and secure online payment and parent information portal for cafeteria purchases. For more information, visit the Food Services' website.
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  • backpack

    Virtual Backpack
    Click on the backpack to be redirected to the school district's virtual backpack full of information for students and their families. You will find school events, lunch menus, newsletters, community events and more in the virtual backpack! 
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  • Closing/Delay/Emergency Information
    School delays, cancellations and changes in dismissal times will be posted on the district website and its Twitter feed @rhcsd, recorded on the message center (845-758-2241) and shared with area television and radio stations. Parents are advised to keep emergency contact information current by notifying the main office of your child's school if phone numbers or email addresses change. 

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