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    English Department

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    The best method for parents to contact me is via email, as I can access it from home as well as in the building. I am available for conference with students before or after school in room 245. I am available at other times during the day as well, by appointment only.

    Attendance Policy

    District policy states that a student who is absent more than sixteen times for a full-year course, or more than eight times in a semester, may not receive credit for the course. The high school offers an evening Student Assistance Program, in which students may make up for absences. A student must obtain the proper form from the front office, have it signed by me before or after class, and bring it, along with any necessary texts or materials, to the SAP room.  Find out exact location and times at the front office.  As per district policy, individual class absence make-ups are limited to four per marking period.


    A student must present an admit slip after any absence. A student without an admit slip will not be allowed into class.  Students should obtain an admit slip from the office at the beginning of the school day

    Students with an unverified absence or lateness beyond 15 minutes are considered truant; any work or tests missed cannot be made up, and such absences cannot be made up through the SAP program.



    Conduct Code

    Be punctual, be prepared, be polite, be productive, be positive.



    "You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture.
    Just get people to stop reading them."
    -Ray Brad