Julia Shultis
    High School Art Teacher
    K - 12 Art Department Coordinator
    845-758-2241 ext. 11540
     Hello and welcome to High School Art!
       Problem-solving and thinking outside the box is what art is all about, so when it comes to being creative, this is the place to be!
       Art is an ever-expanding, ever-inspiring field, and at Red Hook High School we aim to push the boundaries of materials, mediums, techniques and concepts and encourage personal artistic voice and self-initiated investigation! Fed by curiosity and fueled by hands-on exploration, students will find the process of learning art to be challenging yet enjoyable. Students will be encouraged to follow their own interests to make their art personal and relatable while drawing inspiration from other artists around the world. Our goal is to offer freedom of thought within structured lessons and to make life-long learners of our art students.
      Art is about seeing, thinking, and creating. Everyone has the potential to make art that is satisfying and valid.
       If you have any questions, feel free to email me at;  jshultis@rhcsd.org
      Mrs. Shultis
    If you would like to go on a virtual tour of an art museum, check out this website;
    "Google Arts and Culture" and "This is Collosal" are also good websites to check out for inspiration and learning.   
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