Julia Shultis
    High School Art Teacher
    K - 12 Art Department Coordinator
    845-758-2241 ext. 71302
       Hello and welcome back to school!
       I will be posting assignments for students on Teams this year!
       If you are enrolled in one of my classes you should receive an invitation to my Teams Classroom.
       If you are enrolled in my class and don't receive an invitation by the start of school, please email me.
       It may seem strange to take a "hands on" course like art online, but you will be amazed at what can be done!
       You will be provided with your own "art kit" for your course,  and with technology today, we will still be able to do almost everything that we normally do in the classroom!
       Problem solving and thinking outside of the box is what art is all about, so when it comes to being creative with online learning, art is at an advantage!
       You will find that art is an ever expanding, ever inspiring field. I have found that the more that I learn about art, the more fascinated I am with art!
       Art is, without any doubt, the most amazing subject, and art is connected to all of the other subjects.
       I intend to prove to you that art is about seeing, thinking, and creating, and that everyone has the potential to make art that is satisfying and valid.
       Please keep in mind that this school website will give you an overview of the courses that I teach, but does not contain information about the current class assignments.
       If you have any questions feel free to email me at;  jshultis@rhcsd.org
      Mrs. Shultis
    If you would like to go on a virtual tour of an art museum, check out this website;
    "Google Arts and Culture" and "This is Collosal" are also good websites to check out for inspiration and learning.   
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