• Math 7

    In Math 7, we work with both Algebra and Geometry. With Algebra, we learn how to work with integers (positive and negative numbers), solve various multi-step equations and inequalities, and work with exponent rules, in addition to other topics. In Geometry, we will use formulas to find area, perimeter, volume and surface area. We will also learn about Pythagorean Theorem!

    Topics to be covered

    • Real number system
    • Integer operations
    • Rational number operations
    • Proportional relationships and graphs
    • Percent and Percent Application
    • Algebraic expressions, equations, and inequalities
    • Algebraic method for solving word problems
    • Statistics: various graphs, central tendency, interpreting data
    • Geometry formulas: surface area and volume
    • Coordinate graphing
    • Graphing linear equations
    shapes rocking