• Grading Policy:

    Each assignment that you complete will have a specified point value. Homework assignments may be checked and/or graded and might be only five or ten points, while quizzes, tests and projects will count up to 100 points. To calculate your class average, you must add up the total points you have earned and divide that number by the total points possible. This will give you your grade as a decimal number. You can anticipate weekly quiz or graded homework assignments, unit tests approximately every three weeks, and at least one graded project per quarter.

    All graded work must be completed in pencil.

    Homework will be checked and stamped daily. On testing days, these stamped homework assignments will be checked for a total unit homework grade.

    Student progress can be monitored by logging into your family account on the parent portal. I update assignments and grades regularly.

    Homework assignments will be listed daily on the sideboard in the classroom. They will also be available on this site.

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