• Supplies:

    Students are expected to have supplies throughout the school year.


    You will need a one-subject notebook and a sturdy folder. You will take notes in the notebook and file worksheets and graded work in the folder. I will be keeping a class notebook and folder along with you, so if you need to check for missed notes or worksheets, please see me.

    You will also need an adequate supply of pencils. All graded work must be completed in pencil. Half credit will be deducted for any graded work not completed in pencil. Please also get your own small pencil sharpener since you will only be allowed to use the classroom sharpener after any explanations are given (not during the lecture).

    Finally, you will need something that you can use as a straight-edge. This could be a ruler or something as simple as a piece of cardboard.


    We will periodically use calculators in class. I will let you know when it is acceptable to use calculators on homework assignments or graded work. If I do not say anything, you may not use a calculator. If you would like to purchase your own calculator, please look for a scientific model. I would recommend the Texas Instruments TI 30X, since this is what we use in class.

    Compasses and protractors are also helpful for class, but not required.