• Late Work and Absentee Policy

    • If you miss class for any reason, it is your responsibility to see me to find out what handouts and assignments were missed. I will not track you down.
    • If you are absent, check this webpage to find out what homework you have missed and when quizzes and tests will be given.
    • If an assignment is late, you will have 3 school days to complete the assignment. After 3 days, I will not accept late work. It will be counted as a zero grade. Points will be deducted for late work.
    • If you are absent from class, you will have 3 school days from your reentry in class to make arrangements with me to complete missed assignments. Exceptional circumstances will be dealt with on an individual basis.
    • Arrangements can be made on an individual basis for extra help or support.
    • If you come to extra help, arrive with questions and work to do. I will not re-teach a lesson…instead, I will help you understand homework or assignments.