•                                       Bienvenue à la classe de français II!


    The objective of this French class is to increase your vocabulary base and grammatical understanding of the French language and to further your exploration of the French culture.


    The book we will be using this year is called Bon Voyage. Each of you will have a copy of the book to use as a resource  at home.  We have a class set to use in the classroom. 


    There is a class notebook located in Teams.  This notebook is divided into the following sections:  Student notebook, Content library and Collaboration space. We will spend some time together exploring how this notebook works and what materials you can expect to find within. All of the notes that we take in class can be found in this notebook.  Feel free to check your handwritten notes against those found in this notebook. 


    Projects will be assigned with the different topics that are studied throughout the year. These projects will be designed and graded with an emphasis on effort, thought, and use of the language, not artistic or technical abilities. 


    Class participation is an important part of French class.  It is very important that you attempt to use the language as much as possible while you are in class. It is great to use it outside the classroom as well! 


    I am looking forward to an interesting and exciting year speaking French with you!


    ~ Madame Kayden