District Office
    9 Mill Road 
    Red Hook, NY 12571
    Tel. 845-758-2241
    Fax 845-758-1093 (Business Office)
    Fax 845-758-0361 (PPS)
    Fax 845-758-4562 (Food Services)
    Fax 845-758-3366 (Superintendent's Office)
    During the school year, the District Office is open Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. excluding federal holidays. Summer hours are 7 am to 3 pm.  The entrance to the District Office is located on the northwest corner of Mill Road Elementary school, which faces Mill Road. Visitor parking is available in the lot that parallels Mill Road.

    Dr. Janet Warden, Superintendent of Schools, ext. 55100
    Elena Maskell, Secretary to the Superintendent, District Clerk, & Central Registrar, ext. 55010
    Dr. Erin Hayes, Administrator on Special Assignments, ext. 55300

    Office of Curriculum & Instruction
    Kitty Summers, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Staff Development, ext. 55200
    Lalaina Miner, Senior Typist, ext. 55210

    Jack Costello, Director of Pupil Personnel Services, ext. 56100**
    Fax 845-758-0361
    Jennifer Norris, Typist, ext. 56010**
    Melissa Alessi, Typist, ext. 56020**
    **PPS staff office is located at Mill Road Primary School 

    Bruce Martin, Assistant Superintendent for Business, ext. 53100
    Fax 845-758-1093
    Chrys Zittel, Payroll Clerk, ext. 53050
    Diane Koenig, Personnel Assistant, ext. 53040
    Eileen Truitt, Account Clerk, ext. 53060
    Kristie Lukach, Tax Collector/Account Clerk, ext. 53010
    Cody LiPuma, Treasurer, ext. 53020

    Scott Rajczi, Director of Facilities & Operations, ext. 59100
    Margaret Moul, Senior Typist, ext. 59010

    Donna Seelbach, Director of Technology, ext. 59500
    Michelle Lowney, Typist, ext. 59501