•    The Garden B's The Garden B's
    Garden B's
      Be Respectful  
       - To the animals, insects, and plants you meet in the garden 
       - To your teachers, aids and parents
       - To each other: hands to yourself, one voice, kinds words
       - Remember the Golden Rule
     Be Responsible
       - Tools are not toys! 
       - Use the right tool for the job
       - Clean-up is part of the job
       - The cow bell ringing means "Stop & Listen"
     Be a Caregiver
       - Take care of yourself: eat healthy, exercise, get outdoors
       - Take care of each other: be a helper
       - Take care of the environment: it's everybody's job
     Be Safe
       - Always walk when you're in the garden: no running!
       - Always walk on the pathways: grass, wood, stone
       - Give everyone enough space to work
       - Ask before touching, picking, or tasting in the garden 
       - Ask before touching any tool
       - Never raise ANY tool above your shoulders
       - Only adults in the garden shed; ask if you need something
Last Modified on October 30, 2017