• History of  Nature Trail

    The Mill Road Elementary School Nature Trail, also known as the Abigail Lundquist Botstein Nature Trail, was created in 1982 in memory of Abigail Lundquist Botstein. Abby was a third grade student in Mill Road Elementary at the time of her death in October of 1981. The idea of creating the nature trail as a memorial to Abby was the result of a collaboration between Eleanor Friery, John Kroha, Principal Jack Lewis, and parent advisor Susan Ellis.


         The trail was a project of the Abigail Lundquist Botstein Memorial Fund for Enrichment Committee. This committee was formed to administer the spending of $9000 that was donated to the school in Abby"s memory. The fund has also been used for other events and purposes which enrich the educational experiences of students, such as the Castle Playground.


         Many staff members, parents, community members, and students have contributed time, labor, and materials to the nature trail over the years. The monument to Abigail at the south entrance to the path was inscribed and placed by David Cohen of Kol-Rocklea Memorials. The efforts of John Kroha and Eleanor Friery were essential in making this concept a reality because they were teachers who saw the importance of connecting children to nature.


         In more recent years, Stephen Hart has taken on the task of maintaining and improving the nature trail. Students, parents, and staff members who understand the value of nature in our lives have helped with projects. The principle guiding concept  is promoting biodiversity so that students can enjoy a variety of learning experiences while on the nature trail or restored meadow area.

Last Modified on March 14, 2012