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    Station 8

    Station 8 is a good example of poison ivy. Poison ivy is an opportunistic vine that often grows in places that have been disturbed by human activity. It is rarely found in a mature, healthy forest. The plant will grow upwards if it can find a tree, wall, house, or fence to grow on. If not, it spreads its "runners" throughout the forest floor in all directions. It is very difficult to eradicate. We simply try to control it here and prevent it from growing on the path itself. This vine has actually formed its own branches and it is gradually taking over and killing this tree. At this time, one upper branch of the tree is still sprouting leaves. Birds eat the berries of the plant, so it does have ONE useful purpose! Watch for shiny leaves in an oval shape that come in groups of three. Its leaves usually have smooth edges.

Last Modified on November 4, 2021