•  What's going on in your P.E. Class?

    Our next unit is Fitness testing!
     What will we be testing?
    1. Muscular Stength
    2. Muscular Endurance
    3. Flexibilty
    4. Cardiovascular Endurance
    *Take a look at the food pyramid your child has made and plan out a weeks meals based on their needs!
    * Make a family food pyramid using www.mypyramid.gov  a great place to plan your family a balanced diet.
    ****** Don't forget to send your child to school with their sneakers on the days they have Physical Education******
    Girls Varsity Basketball Team is doing a clinci for all young ladies interested in Basektball. If your trying out for CYO, JV or Varsity it is an event for everyone!!! Look for the pink sheet coming home in your mailbox.