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    Grade 4
    Classroom Music




    I. Rhythm
    • Perform from notation all of the 3rd grade requirements plus sixteenth notes and dotted quarter and eighth note combinations by singing and using percussion instruments.
    • Identify all of the 3rd grade requirements plus eighth notes and dotted quarter, eighth note combinations, and sixteenth notes by name, beat value, and their relationship to each other.
    • Perform self-composed rhythm pieces using percussion instruments, as duets
    • Perform layered, ostinato rhythm patterns using multi-cultural percussion instruments
    • Accompany songs on percussion instruments
    • Demonstrate an understanding of time signatures and their application through singing, body percussion, and percussion instruments


    II. Singing
    • Sing with accurate pitch
    • Demonstrate understanding of Solfege Sylables by singing and hand signals
    • Sight-sing 4 to 8 measure musical examples using Solfege Sylables and hand signals


    III. Appreciation
    •    Explore and participate in Native American Song and Dance
    • Explore and participate in cultural Folk Music from various locations throughout the United States
    • Recognize by listening major, minor, and pentatonic tonalities