Do You Know...What is a "Full Meal"?

    There are five components that make up a FULL MEALLunch Tray

    They are:
    Grains - Such as Rice, Pasta or Whole Grain Bread
    Milk – Low Fat
    We have an "Offer vs. Serve" Program for Grades K-12
    What is Offer vs. Serve?

    Offer vs. Serve means you are allowed three (3) components on your tray to be considered a Full Meal. Three of the five components must be either a fruit or a vegetable. A Hamburger on a whole wheat roll is considered two components, protein and whole grain; a slice of Whole Wheat Pizza is considered to be two components, once again the protein and whole grain.   If you are not that hungry, you can choose the slice of WW Pizza and a fruit, vegetable or milk.  If you are very hungry, you can choose all five components offered. If you are a vegetarian and the entrée offered is meat based, you can choose the whole grain, vegetable, fruit, with or without milk to qualify as a Full Meal.

    Why am I charged extra as a la carte if I do not take all three items?

    The state and federal government give us money to support your cafeteria program if full meals are purchased. This tells the state and federal government we are offering your student nutritious, well balanced meals. You are charged extra if you do not take the three (3) items because we are not holding up to our end of the bargain in the state's eyes of giving your student a nutritious, well balanced meal. We will not receive our federal and state aids which helps the district with our food services expenses… hence you are charged a la carte prices.
    Questions?  Please contact Lawrence Anthony, Food Services Manager for the school district, at lanthony@rhcsd.org