Student Conduct on School Buses
    Upon arrival at school, students are to go directly to their school building. Upon arrival at the afternoon bus stop, students should go directly home. Do not talk to or accept rides with strangers.
    Proper student behavior is essential for safe transportation. The following rules and consequences are established:
    1. Students waiting at their bus stop should not play in the road or street.
    2. Students must wait for their bus to come to a complete stop, with the red lights flashing, before boarding or crossing the road.
    3. Students should take the first available seat (especially in the A.M.)- unless seats have been assigned, and remain seated at all times when the bus is in motion.
    1. Students are expected to obey the bus driver at all times.
    2. Enter/exit the bus in an orderly manner. Running, pushing or crowding may cause an accident or injury.
    3. Do not try to leave the bus while it is in motion; remain seated until you have received permission from the driver to exit the bus.
    4. Sit facing forward while the bus is in motion.
    5. If your bus stop requires that you cross the road, wait and watch for the bus driver’s directions and cross at least 10 feet in front of the bus.
    6. Throwing food, paper or refuse on the floor or out the window will not be tolerated.
    7. Talk in an ordinary tone of voice, having due consideration for others on the bus. Do not shout, scream, whistle or in any way cause a distraction. Radios, DVD, iPods or CD players are not to be displayed or used on any bus.
    8. Large musical instruments and skateboards are not permitted on the bus. Transport of other questionable items will be left to the discretion of the driver through the Transportation Supervisor.
    9. Dangerous weapons are not permissible on school buses, i.e. guns, knives, pocketknives, brass knuckles, etc. Students who are found with objectionable devices will be subject to disciplinary action.
    10. Students, who wish to ride on any bus other than their assigned bus, or who need to be dropped off the bus at a stop other than their regular one, must present a school office issued bus pass to the driver. High School students’ requests for these passes may be limited to educational purposes.
    11. Keep heads, arms, and hands inside the bus at all times, whether the bus is in motion or stopped.
    12. Bus drivers have the right to assign seats if necessary.
    Failure to abide by the above rules may result in a range of consequences, depending on the facts and circumstances. The School Administration may also impose severe disciplinary measures.
    1st- Verbal Warning
    2nd- Written warning sent home
    3rd- One-day bus suspension
    4th- Three-day bus suspension
    5th- Five-day bus suspension
    6th- up to 20 or more day bus suspension
    SEVERE BEHAVIOR CONSEQUENCE - determined by building administrator. Students will be responsible for payment of damages to property.