Mathematics Instruction, Grades K-12

    Red Hook Central School District’s goal for Mathematics instruction is a well-balanced approach of conceptual understanding of how mathematics works and a firm understanding of algorithms and procedures that will help students become better problem solvers. Today’s study of mathematics is no longer just recalling facts and memorizing procedures. We are going through an exciting time in mathematics education as we present the Common Core Learning Standards in mathematics curriculum.

    Grades 6 - 12 Faculty

    Linden Avenue Math Teachers

    Mackenzie Dabo

    Kim Goldhirsch

    Deborah Mosher

    Latina Khalil 


    Red Hook High School Math Teachers

    Julia Budd

    Ryan Butch

    Jennifer De Young

    Beth Goldberg

    Jackey Grieb-Walsh

    Corinne Hermans

    Cori Witkiewicz