Red Hook Grades 6-12 Science Department
    The mission of the Red Hook Central School District Science Department is to foster scientific literacy which will promote life-long learning. We seek to develop within our students the skills to understand and evaluate scientific issues that affect society today.  Students are given the opportunity to use scientific reasoning and critical thinking skills to problem solve, communicate effectively, work cooperatively, and use technology to prepare them for college and careers in the global marketplace.
    A diverse array of courses is offered from grades 6-12 to address all interests and learning objectives.  At minimum, all college-bound students are expected to achieve scientific literacy in all four basic disciplines: Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics by the time they graduate. In addition, the high school offers both AP and IB level courses for students who wish to pursue advanced study in the sciences.
    Linden Avenue Middle School Science Department Faculty
    Michelle Kaiser, 6th Grade Earth Science 
    Rob Kaplan, 6th Grade Earth Science
    Rebecca Wood, 6th Grade Earth Science
    Larra Agate, Life Science (8th Grade) & Living Environment (Honors, Regents) 

    Rebecca Shaffer-Sermini, Life Science (8th grade) & Physical Science (7th grade)
    Amanda Stoddard, Life Science (8th grade) & Physical Science (7th grade)
    Red Hook High School Science Faculty

    Deborah Beam, IB HL/AP Biology I & II, and Forensic Science

    Dwane Decker, Earth Science (Regents), Living Environment, and Studies in Earth Science
    Robert Engasser, Biology (Regents) & Cell Biology
    Kenneth Erb, Living Environment (Regents), and Anatomy & Physiology

    Tara Miller, Chemistry (Regents)

    Jason Pavlich, Chemistry (Honors), AP Chemistry, and IB Chemistry 

    Yvonne Pierce, Earth Science (Regents), Chemistry (Regents), and Astronomy

    Janet Saltzman, Physics (Regents) and IB Physics
    Karen Stracher
    , Biology (Regents) and Physics (Regents) 

    Kathryn WhittakerEarth Science (Regents), Forensics, and Studies in Earth Science