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    Mark Your Calendars


    Tuesday, Sept. 5          Open House 5:00 pm


    Wednesday, Sept. 6       First Day of School


    Friday, Sept. 8           Half Day of School-dismissal 11:45am


    Thursday, Sept. 21       School Holiday


    Our Weekly Schedule


    Attached please find our classroom schedule for the year!


    Don’t forget to post this where you can see it!


     Take-Home Folders


    One of the folders your child will be using is a TAKE HOME FOLDER. This folder should go back and forth to school each day. Please check it on a daily basis for completed work, homework, newsletters, and notes. Please have your child correct any errors on their paperwork and have her/him return it to school the next day.


    Also, please send in any lunch money, bus changes, important notes about appointments or dismissal changes in this folder.  I check these folders first thing every morning. Thanks!




    If your child is absent from school, he or she should return to school with a written note for our school nurse, Mrs. Carey. If your child is late for school, please sign him/her in at the main office.


    Classroom Management


    You may be hearing a lot about green “Good Behavior” cards from your child. It’s part of a system that helps students take responsibility for their own behavior in the classroom.


    Here’s how it works: As a class we discuss a list of rules for behavior. Then we set up a chart to track each student’s success. Everyone begins each day with green “Good Behavior” cards in their pockets on the chart. Students who forget to follow the rules must replace their green cards with yellow, orange, or red cards.


         *A green card means “You’re doing great!”


         *A yellow card means “Warning! Pay more attention to your behavior!”


         *An orange card means “You have a consequence.”(Loss of privilege or 10 mins.of recess)


         *A red card means action will be taken. (Phone call or note home)


    Take a few moments to ask your child about their day. Be sure to praise all the green days-these mean your child followed the rules all day long! Your praise will encourage your child to work toward even more green days in the future! Thanks for your support!


    You will receive a monthly newsletter to keep you informed of our classroom activities and upcoming events.


                                 Connie Burud


                             758-2241 ext.71042


                                  Room 205






    Our Classroom Schedule




    Recess  11:00am-11:30am


    Lunch   11:30am-12:00pm








    Music 12:00pm-12:40pm


    Art 1:30pm-2:20pm






    PE 12:00pm-12:40pm






    Library 12:00pm-12:40pm


    CAI 1:45pm-2:25pm






    PE 12:00pm-12:40pm


    Music 1:45pm-2:25pm





    PE 1:45pm-2:25pm