• Mrs. Fraleigh's 6th Grade Social Studies class!  globe
    Social Studies content for 6th grade:
    Grade 6 Social Studies is based on the geography and history of the Eastern Hemisphere, including the development of cultures, civilizations, and empires; interactions between societies; and the comparison of trends in government and economics. Making connections between the past and the present is attempted throughout the course. The time span covered is from pre-history into the 1300s. Students are provided the opportunity to explore belief systems across time and to examine the foundations of democracy.
    Topics include:
    Origins of Civilization  
    Civilizations and Peoples of the Fertile Crescent   
    Ancient Egypt and Kush 
    Early Civilizations of India 
    Early Civilizations of China 
    Ancient Greece 
    The Roman Republic 
    The Roman and Byzantine Empires 
    Struggle in Medieval Europe 
    The Islamic World
    World religions will be explored within the above topics.


    1. Bring your social studies folder to class every day!
    2. Do not throw out any papers! Keep all the papers in your folder. After each topic we study, papers and materials should be brought home and shared with your parents.
    3. You will have a textbook to use at school and one will be sent home for you to use.  Be very careful to keep track of your book! It is very expensive to replace if you lose it! 
    4. We will have a test or project for each topic. There will be quizzes and assignments throughout each topic.
    5. Learning vocabulary words for each topic is important. 
    Work hard during class time and any study hall or RtI time you may have! The smarter and harder you work in school, the less homework you will have!