• Philosophy & Goals


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    Red Hook Lacrosse Philosophy


    The Red Hook lacrosse program will strive for excellence both on and off of the field, in the classroom & the locker-room. We will develop each players' skills and knowledge of the game, and provide each player with the opportunity to achieve his highest level of success.

    All athletes will work hard in a competitive atmosphere in order to develop character, accountability, responsibility, integrity, and respect. The ultimate goal of the program is to make each player understand the importance of being a team member, both in lacrosse and the community. Respect the Game!

    Red Hook Lacrosse Goals

    ·         To act with class and as Men

    ·         To instill character and integrity

    ·         To develop a quality work ethic

    ·         To learn to sacrifice for the betterment of the TEAM

    ·         To develop a high level of performance

    ·        To become an elite lacrosse program in the state of New York



Last Modified on September 23, 2021