Studio in Art 2 
    Studio in Art 2 is a sequel to the foundation course Studio in Art 1. Starting with Cubism and ending with Contemporary Art, Studio in Art 2 weaves art history with hands-on art projects. Mediums include graphite, colored pencils, acrylic paint, clay, watercolors, pastels, and cut paper collage. Discussions of styles and techniques, blended with exploration of global art beyond the western world, will expand and broaden the concepts from the knowledge gained in the foundation art course. Structured lessons, notes, and research will be balanced with creative choice, and will allow the students to thrive while creating personal compositions. Students will be able to draw, paint, sculpt, print, or collage their ideas for each unit depending on their individual interests and abilities. Grades are based on class participation & completion and reflection of assignments.


    Studio in Art 1 is recommended before this course.
    Studio in Art 2 is offered as a full course for 1 credit, or can be taken as a single semester for a 1/2 credit.
    Studio in Art 2 gives students enrollment priority into Ceramics. *
    Students who are interested in taking ceramics in a future semester will be encouraged to hand build with clay in this class. 
    Semester One 
    Overview of art styles and techniques and materials
    Cubism - Drawing or Painting overlapping points of view
    Islamic Art - Pattern study and ceramic slab box 
    *Field Trip to The Clark Art Institute
    Hudson River School of Art - watercolor landscapes
    Kandinsky & Klee painting exercises
    Expressionism and Fauvism - Matisse inspired acrylic painting
    Paper Quilling - Paper relief   
    Surrealism - Surrealistic games and experiments
    Final - Combining concepts from at least 2 of the prior units
    Semester Two
    Pop Art - Warhol and Lichtenstein 
    Oceanic Art - Polynesian Tribal Designs (India Ink) and Aboriginal Art (Watercolor resist) 
    Research an Art Movement
    African Art - Animal Sculpture or Ndebele painting
    Illustration design - The Golden Age of Illustration
    *Field Trip to The Norman Rockwell Museum
    Latin American Art - Papel Picado
    Copper Tooling 
    Contemporary/Futuristic Architecture Design - 2 point perspective
    Environmental Art - Goldsworthy sculptures
    Op Art
    Final - Self Portrait (Reflection of "Self") with influence from prior unit or artist