Art Club
     The Art Club is open to all students throughout the year. We meet from 2:25pm to 3:15pm on Wednesdays in room 154 (Art Room). This year we will be working on some group projects, but the Art Club is also a great place to work on individual art work and school assigned projects. Occasional demonstrations, guest speakers, fund raisers, and holiday parties may occur.
    Possible schedule of monthly projects for school year:
      Sept - Netsuke Animal sculpture
      Oct - Environmental Art
      Nov - Cut Paper Collage
      Dec - Watercolor Painting
      Jan - Miniature Room Architecture Design
      Feb - Wind Chimes
      March - Candy Jar
      April - Patterned Piggy Bank
      May - Painting on stretched canvas 
      June - End of year celebration 
    Art Club