Red Hook High School

    Red Hook, NY

    2021 - 2022


    Course Syllabus

    Global Studies 9

    Mrs. Huber








    The new ninth grade curriculum will cover material chronologically mapped out by New York State, but will also help lay the foundation for students to successfully complete the remaining social studies classes needed for graduation. The purpose of this class is to help students develop skills in analyzing primary texts, performing research and composing written pieces based on historical material. Students will become familiar with the importance of geography and culture and how not only have those two factors influenced the creation of ancient civilizations but also play an essential role in societies today. The class will focus on the history of the world from pre-history to around the year 1750.








    1.)    New York Grade 9 Global History and Geography - 1 (Distributed in class. Please respect the school’s property.)


    2.)    3-Ring Binder – with an abundant supply of paper. (Dividers recommended but not mandatory.)


    3.)    Pens/Pencils – Please come prepared with writing utensils.  I will not supply you with the tools to do your job, just the information and instructions.






      Major Topics Covered Throughout Course:




    1.)    Geography of the World                     5.) Medieval Kingdoms


    2.)    World Cultures                                    6.) The Birth of Belief Systems


    3.)    Ancient Civilizations                            7.) Golden Ages


    4.)    The First Empires                                8.) The Age of Exploration




    Rules and Regulations:




    You are now approaching the last years of your public education, which means that you have come a long way both academically and personally and should know what is appropriate behavior in a classroom around your peers and teacher.  However, I will still remind you of three simple, yet important rules that I expect you to follow…




    1.)  Be Respectful - It is expected that you will be considerate of everyone and in return receive the same treatment.


    2.)  Be Prepared- Be ready to learn both physically and mentally.  Make sure you have your needed supplies; you are awake and ready to learn.


    3.)  Be on Time - Go to your locker, bathroom or office prior to entering my class. Coming in late is a distraction to your classmates and me.




    Forms of Assessment:


                Your grades will be determined by…






    Yes, homework will be assigned on a regular basis.  However if you work diligently throughout the week, I will try not to assign homework over the weekend.  This means that homework must be on time!! Any homework that is taken late will receive partial credit.  Assignments WILL NOT be accepted on spiral notebook paper.  It is very important to keep up on the daily/weekly reading assignments. You will always be informed of homework assignments on weekly worksheets, which outline the agenda for the upcoming week.  This is helpful for those who know they will be on a field trip, at a game or out of town.  A regularly assigned task will be to find a current event to share with your classmates.  The entire class will develop a routine of locating current events via newspapers, appropriate magazines or the Internet.  Upon reading the article, each student will prepare a brief summary to share with their classmates.  The length of the summary is not as important as how well you include all the important points.  Plagiarism will not be tolerated under any circumstances. 


    Quizzes and Unit Tests:


    What’s a history class without quizzes and tests?!  There will be quizzes and tests after specific sections and major units.  Do not worry, I am not out to fail you. For those of you who despise tests, there exists plenty of ways to do well as far as grades go.  Besides keeping up on your assignments, I suggest keeping legible and organized notes in a binder specifically designated for this class.  If you are absent the day of a test, it is your responsibility to schedule a day to make it up.  Failure to do so will result in a zero. We will also be working on several projects throughout the course of the year both individually and collaboratively.

    Participation/Class work/Group Work/Projects:


    Upon entering the class, be prepared to participate in conversations with the entire class about the required curriculum and current events, internationally, nationally and within the school community.  History is not simply about those that lived before us, but an interesting study of who they were, where they lived, why they did the things they did and how it impacts the lives we lead today.  Throughout the year, we will be completing various activities both individually and with a partner or small group.  In order for the class to participate in various cooperative projects, each student needs to be respectful and courteous of their classmates and me, the teacher. 




    According to the Red Hook High School Student-Parent Handbook, “…Students with more than 8 days absent in a semester, whether absences are legal or illegal, or with more than 16 absences in a year, face denial of credit for those courses which are affected.” If you go over the allowed number of absences, you will not receive credit for this course.  Again if you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up the missed work.  There will be a designated spot on the side bulletin board were you can find copies of weekly assignments and or handouts that you missed.  You can also reach me at school or by email.  The general rule for making up work is one day for every day that you miss.  If you miss one day, than you have one day to get the necessary work to me.  If you miss two days, than you have two days to get the work to me, etc. 




    I am here to help you!  Please feel free to approach me with any questions you may have or to ask for any assistance you may need.