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    Nike (NKE)
    Dec 05, 201995.88 95.89 94.68 95.80 95.80 4,458,946

    Dec 04, 201992.81 93.79 92.73 93.72 93.72 4,456,400

    Dec 03, 201992.48 92.55 91.31 92.46 92.46 5,570,700

    Dec 02, 201994.09 94.28 92.98 93.56 93.56 3,892,000

    Nov 29, 201994.37 94.61 93.39 93.49 93.49 2,541,800

    Nov 29, 20190.245 Dividend

    Nov 27, 201993.50 94.38 93.50 94.14 93.89 4,017,400

    Nov 26, 201993.38 93.63 93.02 93.33 93.09 5,907,400

    Nov 25, 201993.78 93.97 92.74 92.90 92.66 5,419,700

    Nov 22, 201992.21 93.35 91.93 93.34 93.10 4,264,400



    The price of Nike stocks goes up and down each day, yet stays around the range of the low 90’s. It was noticed from last stock watch that there was an increase in the numbers due to black Friday and the holidays approaching. The volume decreased on black Friday, which I was expecting the stocks to increase because it is such a large shopping day. I expect the numbers to be rapidly increasing as Christmas gets closer. The volume stays at an almost steady rate of 4,000,000- 5,000,000 except for the dip down to 2,000,000 and 3,000,000. There was a 0.245 dividend on black Friday, so Nike payed their shareholders their profits.



    Nike is in one of the biggest scandals that they’ve had, and it’s causing many problems to their company. The scandal with one of their coaches, Alberto Salazar has become worse. Not only has Mary Cain a Nike runner came out about the topic of harassment and pain he put the her through, but another Olympic runner has now come out about it as well. Amy Yoder Begley, a middle-distance Olympic runner ended her four years with Salazar because she couldn’t deal with his horrific remarks and actions any longer. Salazar told Amy that he was going to kick her off the team because she had the “biggest butt” on the starting line. Salazar constantly told Amy she couldn’t laugh because it was annoying as well as body shaming her and told her that she was not allowed to be friends with her teammates. Salazar broke the spirits of all of his runners and destroyed their bodies from over training. One of the young Nike athletes said, “I was the fastest girl in America, until I joined Nike.” Salazar would put the young girls on prescription medication to spur weight loss because they were all “too fat.” Salazar would also tell Amy that one day she looked “flabby” and three days later she would then look “lean” and tell her husband he was a “lucky guy”, he was always obsessed with their weight but constantly changed his mind on what weight was good and what weight wasn’t. Salazar is now banned from the sport for 4 years, but this still brings down Nike’s company as more and more of Salazar’s athletes come out to tell what he put them through and how Nike either had no idea, or how they just let it happen because he was a winning coach.

    This news affects Nike because when they get into scandals, it makes their customers not want to buy their products. The customers will boycott the products and their sales will go down. This affects investors because they will not want to invest their time and money into a company that gets into scandals and loses their sales because then the investors could potentially lose money as well. This affects stockholders the same way that it affects investors, they don’t want to waste their time and money on a company whose stocks could drop, and the company could fall to nothing under the abuse. This news affects the everyday people that buy Nike because they might not want to support the company after they find out how they let their athletes be treated. This news affects me because I buy a lot of Nike’s products and this might cause me to not want to support them until they treat their athletes better and after they stop getting into so many terrible scandals. This article talks about what is being discussed in class with money and investors. I chose this article because it is a follow up on the last one that I read. It is interesting to see what he did to all of his athletes and to see how many more of them are going to come out and tell their stories. It also gives a follow up on what Nike is doing about the situation and the price Salazar is going to pay.

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    Futterman, Matthew. "Another of Alberto Salazar's Runners Says He Ridiculed Her Body for Years." New York Times , 22 Nov. 2019, www.nytimes.com/2019/11/14/sports/olympics/alberto-salazar-nike.html. Accessed 5 Dec. 2019.




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