Advanced Art 

      Welcome to Advanced Art!


       This is a fun and informative course that explores the many possibilities of art making and design. You will work on your art portfolio while learning about hands-on techniques and traditional compositional strategies.


       You will have the opportunity to imagine and compose works of art in your own voice to build up your art portfolio. Your art portfolio can be used to apply for scholarships in collage and employment in the art field. I will advise you based on your individual personal goals, and we will work together to provide you with the experience and inspiration that you will need to live up to your potential in art.


       Through exploration and experiment with materials, as well as inspiration from art museums, visiting artists, and motivational videos, slide shows, and each other, you will be immersed in the world of art. In this unique course, the curriculum is based on your individual needs and goals. You will have assignments with due dates, but you will all be working in the mediums and styles of your choice in order to satisfy your own personal portfolio requirements.


       Grades will be based on weekly participation and project evaluations. 


    Some of the topics and concepts that we will use for inspiration in this course are;

    • Letters and numbers in art

    • Site specific works of art

    • Architecture and Design

    • Artwork from The Clark Art Institute

    • Time period studies

    • Assemblage, Collage, and Decoupage

    • Fairy Tales and Folk Tales

    • Figure studies

    • Additive and Subtractive Study

    • Data inspired Art

    • Multimedia exploration

    • Artwork from Mass MoCA

    • Self-reflections

    • Tromp L'oeil

    • Landscapes/portraits/still-life

    • Contemporary art

    • Contrast and patterns

    • Curatorial studies

    • 2D to 3D


    If you have any questions about this course, please email me at jshultis@rhcsd.org




    Mrs. Shultis


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