• How to access Google Classroom

    Students in grades K - 5 will be using Google Classroom as their remote learning platform for the 2020-21 school year.

    Your student's Google login ID is as follows: last name followed by student ID number@cloud.rhcsd.org. (Example: smith12345@cloud.rhcsd.org) The first time login password is their last name (first letter capitalized) followed by their student ID number. Your student will be prompted to change that password when he or she first logs in to Google.

    To login to Google, go to www.google.com and choose Sign In from the upper right-hand corner of the screen. If your child is sharing a computer used by another family member who is already signed into Google, that person will need to SIGN OUT to allow the next person to sign in to his or her Google account. Be sure to login to Google Classroom using the Google Chrome browser for the optimal experience.

    If your child is logging on to Google from an iPad issued by the school district, the G Suite apps are pre-loaded on the iPad. Look for the Google Classroom app, the Google Docs app, etc. on the iPad.

    Each student will receive a Google Classroom code from his or her teacher(s). They will need to enter that code to gain access to their Google Classroom(s). Students will not have access to Gmail but will be able to message their teachers in Google Classroom's Stream. Parents, if you need to contact your student's teacher(s), please use their school email address to do so. All employee email accounts follow this naming protocol: first letter of first name, entire last name@rhcsd.org. Example: jdoe@rhcsd.org. The district uses Microsoft Outlook as its email client. We do not use Gmail as our email client.

    If you have questions about Google Classroom or assignments given to your students by their teachers, please contact your teachers directly.