• RHHS Ski Club


    Skier 2

    The 2021- 2022 Ski Club will be signing up Members in the Middle of October.


    Please listen to announcements in school for the First meeting.  Forms will be distributed and discussed.

    These forms need to be filled out and 2 separate checks one for the Ski area and one for bus

    transportation submitted.

    Hope you can join us!


    Mr. Engasser








    2020 -2021 Season Ski Season




    We ski wednesday evenings
    from 4 to 8:00 PM at Catamount Ski Area.

     Be Ready!!  We start first Wednesday after winter break ( January 2021.)  We ski six consecutive Wednesdays weather permitting. 


    All members must be at school with their equipment and ready to get

     on the bus by 4:55.


    Each New year we meet in October to:


    Agenda: Ski club information on trip dates, cost, forms, and expectations will be given out and discussed.  Election of club officers. Refreshments will be served.


    All forms and a check to Catamount (Ski pass fee,  plus rental, etc.).



    Due to transportation constraints the first 32 students that submit all required

    forms and monies will be allowed in ski club.  Forms and checks must be

    submitted by October 31st or a $20 late fee to Catamount will apply.