• Dear parents of 8th grade art students, 


     I hope you are all adjusting to this new rhythm of life and managing to find ways to enjoy it! 


     I truly miss interacting with your children every day. It has been a joy for me to get to know each of them. I returned to teaching this year after having taught at LAMS 14 years ago (what a year to make a comeback!). It was so good to be back in the classroom; now I find myself learning to navigate this virtual classroom.  Please bear with me. 


    I have been in touch with many of your children via email as well as the Teams page. I’ve really enjoyed this chance to have uninterrupted one-on-one communication with them.  They are producing some brilliant art! 


    I understand the challenge of time management while at home and the need to prioritize classes, but I believe that creating art is a healthy way to spend this time. This is a good quote by the artist David Hockney: “What is stress? It’s worrying about something in the future.  Art is now.” 


     The point is to focus, meditate, and get into the zone. 


    Great art happens when there’s a balance between technical skill (which I can help them with) and creative concepts (which I can also help them with by providing inspiration), but the REALLY GOOD STUFF is up to them! And they’re rising to the challenge, tapping into their creativity. 


    Your children were creating some amazing work while we were in school (and many still are at home). While in school, they worked on simple structural analysis of objects, using values (lights & darks) to create three-dimensional renderings, self-portraits (which were WONDERFUL!), and modern scroll paintings that focused on composition, watercolor, and learning to make and trust their aesthetic decisions. They were on a roll... 


    Let's keep rolling. They are aware of the grading system and agreed that it was fair.  Going forward, grades will be determined by participation. Over the next 10 weeks, they should aim for 10 participation credits.  If they do not contact me or submit work, I will deduct a point each week from their current grade.  


    I will assign some specific projects, as well as offer multiple options.  Your child can also propose an independent project that inspires them. Again, the point is for them to focus and, above all, enjoy themselves 


    If you have any questions or comments, you may email me using our staff directory.


    Thank you for having such wonderful children. They inspire me every day.