• World War I
    Tentative Course Timeline
    Below is a tentative timeline of the topics to be covered. The dates are based on the 2019-2020 Red Hook Central School District Calendar.
    September 4-6

    Introduction/course overview/writing on current issues

    September 9-October 4

    Prelude to World War I
    Long-term causes
    Immediate outbreak of War
    Major battles

    October 7-November 22

    End of World War I
    Paris Peace Conference
    Wilson’s Fourteen Points
    Treaty of Versailles
    Geopolitical and economic impact of the Treaty
    League of Nations
    Enforcement issues
    US isolationism
    Depression and threats to international peace

    November 25-December 20

    Internal Assessments
    Rise and rule of Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler
    Prelude to World War II
    Causes of World War II


    January 2-17

    Major battles of World War II
    Results/Effects/Aftermath of World War II
    Big 3 Conferences/Transition to Cold War


    January 27-February 28

    Origins of the Cold War
    Cold War 1945-50
    Korean War
    Cold War Events of the 1950s
    The Cold War at Home (McCarthyism, Red Scare)
    U.S. under Eisenhower Administration

    March 2-12

    U.S. under Kennedy Administration
    Crisis in Berlin
    Cuban Revolution, Rise of Fidel Castro
    Bay of Pigs
    Cuban Missile Crisis

    March 16- April 3

    The Vietnam War (Causes, Effects, Lasting Impact)
    U.S. under Johnson Administration
    The Nixon Presidency
    The U.S., U.S.S.R., and China; Superpower Relations
    Containment, Peaceful Coexistence, Détente
    Cold War Events of the 1970s


    April 14-May 1

    Review for Assessments

    May 4-15

    IB Exams Given

    May 20-June 11

    Independent/Group Research Projects and Presentations

    June 12,15,16

    Final Exams