USS Tyrell
    Classroom Expectations & Grading Policies

    The fact that most of you are now upperclassmen in high school tells me that you have come a long way and are almost finished with your public education. It also tells me that by this time you should know what is considered appropriate behavior in the classroom. On that note I will tell you that there are basically three expectations that I have for you as students, and I have packaged them neatly into what I affectionately refer to as:

    The Kaiser Doctrine

     1.      Be on Time: That means you need to be in your seat and ready to go when the bell rings. Three unexcused “Lates” will result in detention.

    2.      Be Prepared: You need to come to class everyday with your book, binder, and pens/pencils. Being unprepared may result in detention/zero.

    3.      Be Respectful: You need to respect each other in the classroom and respect me as the teacher. I in turn will show you that same respect.

    Other Expectations

    Homework: I hate to tell you this but you will receive homework. It needs to be neat and most importantly, on time. A homework assignment is always collected at the beginning of class on the day that it is due. Late does not cut it, so it becomes a zero. Being unprepared for class without your homework may also result in a detention. However, if there are circumstances beyond your control, then please come and talk to me. I cannot read your mind! I must tell you that I consider homework important preparation for my quizzes and tests. Therefore they count for a significant amount of your grade. At the end of each school day, I try to leave the homework assignments on my voicemail for those who are absent, or forgot to write it down. Simply call 758-2241, ext. 71166 and follow the prompts. I also pass out a weekly outline sheet at the beginning of each week, which shows the reading and homework assignments for the entire week. You may also visit my web page (located as a link on the school’s web site) and follow the links to my electronic blackboard where I list assignments for the week. In other words, don’t tell me you did not know about the homework assignment!

    Tests/Quizzes: I try to have quizzes at least once a week. They are usually based on the reading and homework assignments. They may take the form of either multiple choice or short answer essay. Unless otherwise specified, all quizzes are to be completed using blue or black ink pens…no pencils! At the end of each unit, we will have a unit test that usually consists of multiple choice and an essay question. These tests mimic the June Regents Exam, in order to help you get used to the format. The unit tests usually require the use of both #2 pencils and blue/black ink pens. You have now been officially warned! I do not supply pens or pencils, so if you are unprepared on the day of a quiz or a test, you will receive a zero.

    Grading: Grades will be based upon homework, quiz scores, test scores, projects, and writing assignments. Your average will be based upon a total points system. For example, if you have a 5 question homework assignment, that will be worth a total of 10 points. A quiz may have 20 questions that will be worth 40 points. A unit test will most likely be worth 100 points. I take the total number of points you have earned at the end of the marking period and divide that by the maximum number of points possible to obtain your average.

    Absences:   Good attendance is vital for academic achievement in addition to an individual's growth and development. For the purposes of recording and reporting accurate attendance, including tardiness to class, each absence shall equal one (1) point while each tardy shall equal one-fifth (1/5) of a point.  Therefore, students with more than 9 points in a half-year class, whether absences are legal or illegal, or with more than 18 points in a full-year course face denial of credit for those courses which are affected (including BOCES). Parents/Guardians may write a letter of appeal to the Superintendent of Schools should a student accrue more than 9 points for a half-year course or more than 18 points in a full-year course. Remember, this class is a graduation requirement!  Classes can be made up at our night school program, which generally runs Monday-Thursday from 6:30-8:30 P.M.  Again, it is your responsibility to get me the appropriate forms and make arrangements to make classes up at night school.  If you are absent from school for any reason (sick, field trip, suspension, etc.), it is your responsibility to make up the missed work.  There will be a designated spot in the classroom where you will find copies of the assignments that you missed.  You can also call me at school, or e-mail me.  If you miss a test or a quiz, you will need to set up a time with me so that you can make up whatever you missed.  REMEMBER, I will not track you down, so whatever is not made up in a reasonable period of time becomes a zero. If you arrive late or leave early you will be expected to make up the test/quiz the same day. 

    Communication: An important expectation is that you contact me when you are not in my class. If you leave early, come in late, or are not here at all, please make every effort to let me know. This is especially important when assignments are due. If you are not in class on the day an assignment/paper is due, I expect that it will be emailed to me by the start of class. If you miss class on the day of a test/quiz, please be sure to email/call me to schedule a period/time to make that up. It is expected that you will be prepared to take the test/quiz on the day you return to school. Remember, your absence must be excused by the office in order for work to be accepted and tests/quizzes to count. If there are circumstances that prevent you from meeting these expectations, again, please let me know. I cannot read your mind, so please be sure to come and talk to me, call me, or email me.