• Cold War
    Military Conflicts Course Description

    This course is a half year social studies elective known as Military Conflicts. Students will spend the semester concentrating on a specific military conflict in history. For the purposes of this course, students will be studying the Cold War, from its origins to its end. 

    One of the challenges we face in a course such as Military Conflicts is the amount of material that needs to be covered in a relatively short period of time. For this reason the course is fast-paced, in order to meet the demands of the New York State standards and curriculum requirements. I will do my best to meet those demands, while at the same time keeping my students on task and engaged in the material. The students in turn must help me by doing their part, which includes daily readings, class work, and homework, as outlined in the following pages. Students will be exposed to a number of different types of material related to the Cold War, including primary source documents, films, and college level readings from respected historians who are considered experts in their fields. In addition, students will take part in researching various aspects of the Cold War outside the classroom that may involve activities and presentations both in group and individual formats. My hope is to give students an overall perspective on the Cold War, and the far-reaching effects it had on the world during the twentieth century.

    Success in school comes when everyone works together-parents, teachers, and students. In order to make this class both interesting and valuable to the students, a number of different activities and materials will be presented throughout the semester. This will be a course that is reading and writing intensive. Students will be able to improve upon their reading, writing, and critical thinking skills, which will help them both in and out of the classroom. The more aware our students are of world events, the better they will be able to make important decisions in their adult lives. It is my hope to encourage this kind of learning in my students. I am available to help with any problem that might arise. Feel free to contact me here at the school at 758-2241, extension 7116. You may also email me at: jkaiser@rhcsd.org.