• ¡Hola! My name is Ms. Lowney and I graduated from Marywood University in May with a degree in Spanish, Education, and Caribbean, Latinx and Latin American Studies. While I studied for my bachelor's degree in Scranton, Pennsylvania, I attended Red Hook from K-12th grade! I graduated from Red Hook in 2019 with an IB diploma. My collegiate academic research is in the field of Afro-diasporic post-colonial poetry with a concentration on Equatorial Guinea. 

    Apart from my life in academia, I do a lot of other things too! I'm a 7th/8th grade religious education teacher for St. Christopher's CCD program, I am a referee for CYO basketball, I'm now a graduate student at Marywood in the MAT (Master's in the Art of Teaching) program, and I spend the rest of my free time playing pickleball, playing board games, or traveling with my family!

    Spanish is my passion and I'm so excited to be teaching it in my favorite place! I believe that Spanish (and foreign languages in general) gives us a unique and awesome perspective into the world and the people who we live in it with. The value of learning Spanish extends beyond the ability to verbally communicate with others, and provides countless neurological benefits and social advantages. I'm so excited for the opportunity to share my passion with the awesome students of Red Hook(: 

    Picture of Ms. Lowney in her classroom holding a sign that says her name on it. This photo is Ms. Lowney jumping in the air on the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland  This is a photo of Ms. Lowney at Teotihuacán in Mexico, standing in front of a pyramid.

           ^ Me in my classroom!                                      ^ Me in Ireland!                                            ^ Me in Mexico!