7th Grade Candy Market

  • To end our third week, the seventh grade students participated in a market in our classroom for a review of our numbers, foreign currency, and asking for the price of things. Students were given candy and 80 fake pesos (~4 USD) to buy and sell candy amongst themselves. The students asked each other "¿cuánto cuesta?" and replied with "veinte pesos." o algo así (:

    The students left class on this sunny Friday with pockets full of candy, brains full of Spanish numbers, and memories that will last us forever! Or at least the weekend(:





    This is an image of classroom 265 before the school year starts. It has colorful paper and flags hanging from the wall!

  • Money for MarketStudents at Market




As the school year starts...

  • As the school year starts, I am busy making lesson plans and awesome activities that will help us to grow in our knowledge of Spanish and our real-life skills, study skills, and both intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. Oh and also, setting up our awesome classroom! Room 265 sure is the place to be, and I can't wait to have all of my incredible middle school students in these seats in just 2 days! Well, that's all for today! Back to lesson planning for me now (:

    - Ms. Lowney ☀️