• Board of Education Goals 2021-2024


    Red Hook Central School District is a welcoming and diverse community of learners committed to personal growth and caring for others.

    Strategic Planning

    • Support and advocate for the implementation of the district’s mission, vision, graduate profile, and district goals.


    • Ensure that the maintenance and servicing of all the district facilities provides a safe environment for personnel, students, and the community.
    • Support ongoing development and innovation of space and capacity plans to enhance classrooms as well as non-instructional spaces for student benefit.
    • Strive for an environmentally conscious approach as it pertains to facilities decisions, working towards ecologically sustainable systems.


    • Increase community engagement in strengthening relationships through various in-person settings.
    • Increase communication for all voices in the community, focusing on voices that are often unheard.
    • Continue community participation, seeking public opinions.
    • Increase advocacy to the State for education issues pertinent to Red Hook; research and pursue grants and federal money to support district goals.


    • Support and develop district planning to enrollment trends, facility needs and upgrades to traditional and non-traditional educational spaces.
    • Advocate and deal with fluctuations in local and state funding options.