Course Description

    This course will include the basic economic concepts and understandings which all persons will need to function effectively and intelligently as citizens and participants in the economy of the United States and of the world.
    Some of the major concepts, which will be dealt with, are scarcity, productivity, opportunity cost, supply and demand, inflation, profit, interdependence, capital, competition and the market. The course will not be one in consumer education,
    But will emphasize a rational decision-making process, which should be applied to all economic decisions. The major focus will be on the economy of the United States, but other economic systems will be treated.
    The course may include topics that examine the basic principles of economics, the elements of an economic system (micro-economics), the overall operation of an economic system (macroeconomics), and the world economy and international trade.

    A strong emphasis will be placed on Personal Finance. Students will learn the importance of planning, money management, banking, credit, saving and much more. This course will also stress the use of the stock market, mutual funds, IRAs, and other methods of saving money.  This will give students an introduction to the process of making and saving money, as well as helping them to make intelligent decisions by doing the proper research.

    Course Goals:
    Understand what is “Economics” and how it affects our everyday lives.
    Understand why we study economics
    Understand what factors affect economies and the economic process.
    Understand personal finance
    Establish a personal finance plan
    Learn strategies and techniques to use for a personal finance plan

    Class rules: Standard Classroom protocols are in play in the classroom The rules in my classes are the same as those in the student handbook; the following will be emphasized:
    In other words….
    §         Respect Mr. Saulino by
    o        Coming to class on time
    o        Coming to class prepared
    o        Being attentive in class
    o        Being neat and organized
        ▪    Respect others by
        ◦    Not talking while they are talking or trying to listen
        ◦    Not harassing them in any way, physically and/or verbally

        ▪    Respect yourself by…
        ◦    Taking advantage of the educational opportunities you have
        ◦    Asking questions or getting extra help
        ◦    Making up work missed due to illness or lessons
        ◦    Being accountable for you.

    Evaluation will be based on a point system listed below are sample categories (subject to change):
    Tests: 100 points         Quizzes: 20-25 points                HW: 10 - 50 points                                               Misc: 20-50 points       Projects: 50 points                     Participation: TBA
     It needs to be neat and most importantly, on time.  A homework assignment is always collected at the beginning of class on the day that it is due.

        ▪    Part 1 Reading assignment for the week  - possible HW Quizzes associated with reading.
        ▪    Part 2:  Biweekly StockWatch Homework – see attached.
        ▪    Part 3: Chapter summary packets

    If you miss work due to an excused absence or tardy, it is your responsibility to make it up. You must see me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! If work is not made up in a reasonable amount of time, it will be counted as a Zero. Late work will be penalized according to the situation – Homework will be accepted late with a 20% fee per day (including weekends) until points run out Check my Webpage for posted schedule & homework assignments.

    Quizzes: Quizzes can be given on a daily basis – based on a weekly reading assignment. Quiz format will/can consist of multiple-choice questions, true/false, matching, and/or fill in the blank questions.
    Chapter/Unit Exams: There may be a Unit exam following the completion of each Chapter or Unit. Unit Exams format: Multiple Choice, Matching, Short-Answer.
    Final Exam: There will be a comprehensive final exam to end the course.
    Projects: There may be projects throughout the course, details to follow.


    A key to for success in this, as in any class, is to be present and ready to work. The more you miss the more difficult it will be to successfully complete this course. PLEASE NOTE:  You need to be aware of the number of absences you have so that you do not lose credit for the course.  In the event that you are unable to attend, please see a classmate or me in order to find out what you missed. You can check my website at: https://www.redhookcentralschools.org/675717811402/site/default.asp
    For more information.
    Attendance Policy
    Good student attendance is vital to the goals of academic achievement and to
    An individual's growth and development. Therefore, students with more than 8
    days absent in a semester, whether absences are legal or illegal, or with more than 16 absences in a semester in a year, face denial of credit for those courses which are affected (including BOCES). – Student Handbook pg. 35.
    Night School – you may attend night school in order to make up missed classes. A full night at Night school will make up for three (3) classes. You must have prior approval from the instructor in order to attend night school.
    If you exceed the number of absences you will be Not Eligible (NE) for credit for this course.
    Extra help: See me to make an appointment for extra help.

    Course of Study: (subject to change )
    Course of Study: (subject to change )
    Unit I: Introduction To Economics
    $        What is Economics?
            Wants vs Needs
            Opportunity Costs
            Production Possibilities Curve
    $        Economic Systems
            Answering the Three Economic Questions
            The Players Producers / Consumers
            Factors of Production
            Modern / Mixed

    Unit II: American Free Enterprise

    $ Free Enterprise vs Free Market
    $ Business Cycle
    $ Supply & Demand
    $ Role of Government
        Regulation vs Deregulation
             How Taxes Work
    $ Business Organizations
        Sole Proprietorship
    $ Labor

    Unit III: Introduction to Personal Financial Planning
                $ What is Personal Financial Planning?
                         $ Career & Personal Financial Planning

    Unit IV: Money & Money Management
    $        Introduction What is Money?
    $        Money Management Strategies
            Record Keeping
            Personal Financial Statements
    $            Budgeting
    $            Banking
    $            Credit
    $            Housing

    Unit V: Investing Your Financial Resources
    $       The Fundamentals of Investing
    $    Stocks
    $     Bonds & Mutual Funds
    $    Real Estate & Other Investment Alternatives
    $    Retirement & Estate Planning

    Unit VI: Protecting Your Financial Resources
    $       Planning Your Tax Strategy
    $    Home & Automobile Insurance
    $    Health, Disability, & Life Insurance
    Required Materials:
     Supplies and Signatures

     A 2”-3” Three Ring Binder with loose-leaf, lined paper and 4 dividers… This is a requirement for the class.  No spiral notebooks please.  We take a fair amount of notes throughout the year.  I find it is easier for students to add paper to a binder as needed then to use a notebook. The binder should be divided as follows: (1) Notes (2) Handouts (3) Homework (4) Tests/Quizzes. This will help students to keep all of their papers organized and easily accessible.  I will periodically check each student’s binder and count that as a grade throughout the year.  Organization is important to a student’s success in this class.  Please note that this binder must be used for Economics Finance only, no other subjects.
    Black/White Composition Book… used for Economics Glossary Assignment - must be used for this purpose ONLY see Economics Glossary Assignment handout.

    Pens and Pencils…Again, I do not supply writing utensils.  Please think of school as your job.  A pen and pencil are important tools that you need to do your job on a regular basis. 

    Red Hook Central High School
    Social Studies Department
    This course is a half-year study of economics.  This course is required for graduation for most taking it.
    Success in school comes when everyone works together-parents, teachers, and students.  In order to make this class both interesting and valuable to the students, a number of different activities and materials will be presented throughout the semester.  The course is set up to provide students with practical knowledge on economics and money that can serve them throughout their lives. We will also take advantage of several audio and video sources within this subject area. As a result I request that you extend your consent for your son/daughter to view this material in class. If you have any questions about the course outline, requirements, materials, or anything else, please feel free to contact me at anytime. E-Mail is the easiest way for me to communicate with you, if that is not an option, please let me know.
    Mr. R. Saulino
    845-758-2241 ext. 71285   
    Web Page: https://www.redhookcentralschools.org/page/709
    e-mail: rsaulino@rhcsd.org                        
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    I have read the above letter and the course outline spelling out the responsibilities of the students for this course. I will try to assist my son/daughter to find success in Economics  this year.
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    Economics Finance

    Dear Parent/Guardian,

    This class attempts to study various issues Economics & Personal Finance. Since economics is, for the most part, the study of human nature and the choices people make, some of the issues affecting our choices can be of a sensitive nature. There are some films that can be useful in this course, because they emphasize certain points and help to enhance class discussion and understanding in a certain area. Throughout the semester students will have an opportunity to view selected film(s) that relate to economics.   These films may include Hollywood productions and documentaries. Some of these films are rated R by the motion picture industry.  If you have any reservations or concerns about one or any of these films (titles will be posted on weekly assignment webpage), then please call me so we can work out an alternative assignment for your son/daughter.  If you would like to view these movies ahead of time, feel free to do so.  

    Even if your son/daughter is 18 years of age, I am required to seek your permission. If you are going to allow your son/daughter to watch these films, then please sign below so it can be returned to me as soon as possible.

    I would not attempt to show these films if I did not think it would be helpful to the course.  If there are any questions or concerns, please contact me at 758-2241, ext. 3143, or rsaulino@rhcsd.org   Thank you.

                                    Mr. Saulino

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