This Week In United States History 

    Week 14: 4 Dec 2023 – 8 Dec 2023

    US History R Block 2 Even Days

    Blue: Even Days

    Red: Odd Days


    Monday: Day 3 -

    HW:  Topic 8 Note-Taking Reading Guide Due Friday

    Tuesday: Day 4 - Topic 5 The Early Republic: The Industrial Revolution


    • •See Monday

    Wednesday: Day 5 -

    HW:  See Monday

    Thursday: Day 6 - Topic 6: Reform Movements

    HW:  See Monday

    Friday: Day 1 -

    HW: Have a nice weekend


    Next Week Unit Exam TBA






    Suggestion: If available use a marble composition notebook entitled US History Regents Review




    Abolitionist Movement:  The abolitionist movement was an organized effort to end the practice of slavery in the United States. 

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