• Economics Glossary

    Economics Glossary Assignment

    Please follow the guidelines below to complete the Vocab Assignment for each chapter that is assigned in class

    Marble Composition Notebook - for Economics Glossary ONLY
    For Each Chapter:
    • Neatly Hand-written
    • Label Book, Chapt #, Chapt Name, Section, Underline / highlight each term
    • Skip lines between Sections & Terms
    • ALL Terms in ALL Sections for assigned Chapter
    • Neatness, Completeness, & Accuracy
    Example: (This will be hand written in you Economics Glossary Marble Notebook designated for Economics Glossary ONLY)

    Economics Principles in Action
    Chapter 1: What is Economics?
    Section 1: Scarcity & the Factors of Production

    Need - something like air, food, or shelter that is necessary for survival

    Want - an item that we desire but that is not essential to survival