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     Regents Review

    U.S. History & Gov’t Key Terms
    Regents Review

    Abolition Movement                      Boycott
    Abortion                                         Brown, John
    Acculturation                                 Brown v. Board of Ed.
    Acheson, Dean                               Bryan, William Jennings
    Adams, John                                  Buchanan, James
    Adams, John Quincy                     Budget Deficit
    Adams, Samuel                              Budget Surplus   
    AEF                                                 Bull Market
    AFL-CIO                                         Bush, George
    Affirmative Action                        Bush, George W.
    Agnew, Spiro                                 Cabinet
    Agricultural Adj. Act                     Calhoun, John, C.
    AIDS                                               Camp David Agreements
    Albany Plan of Union                    Capitalism
    Alger, Horatio                                Carnegie, Andrew
    Alliance for Progress                    Carter, Jimmy
    Allies                                               Castro, Fidel
    Amendment                                   Caucus
    American Party                              CIA
    American Revolution                    Chamberlain, Neville
    Americans w/Disabil. Act             Charter
    Anarchy                                           Chavez, Cesar
    Anthony, Susan B.                          Checks and Balances
    Anti-Federalists                              Chief Diplomat
    Antiquities Act                                Chief Executive
    Arbitration                                      Chief Legislature       
    Arkies                                              Chief of State
    Armstrong, Louis                            Chinese Exclusion Act
    Articles of Confederation               Chiang Kai-shek
    Arsenal of Democracy                    Churchill, Winston
    Atlantic Charter                              Civil Disobedience
    Atomic Energy Comm.                    Civil Liberties
    Axis Powers                                    Civil Rights Movement
    Baker v. Carr                                   Civil Service
    Bakke v. Regents of Cal.                Civil War
    Bank of U.S.                                    CWA, CCC
    Batista, Fulgencia                          Clay, Henry
    Bay of Pigs Invasion                      Clayton Anti-Trust Act
    Berlin Blockade                              Clean Air Act
    Berlin Wall                                     Clear and Present Danger
    Bessemer Process                         Clinton, Bill
    Bicameral Legislature                   Cold War
    Big Stick                                         Collective Bargaining
    Bill                                                   Commander in Chief
    Bill of Rights                                  Committee on Un-American Activities
    Black Codes                                   Communism
    Black Panthers                              Compromise of 1850
    Blacklist                                         Concurrent Power
    Blitzkrieg                                       Confederate States
    Bonus Army                                    Congress
    Border States                                Conservation
    Boston Massacre                          Constitution
    Containment                                 Fugitive Slave Law
    Continental Congress                   Gadsden Purchase
    Coolidge, Calvin                            GATT
    Copperheads                                Gentlemen’s Agreement
    Corporations                                Gibbons v. Ogden
    Court Packing                              Gideon v. Wainwright
    Credit Mobilier Scandal               Gilded Age
    Cultural Pluralism                         GDP, GNP
    Debs, Eugene                                Gompers, Samuel
    Declaration of Independence      Good Neighbor Policy
    Delegated Powers                        Gorbachev, Mikail
    Democratic Party                          Gore, Al
    Depression                                     GOP
    Détente                                          Grandfather Clause
    Dollar Diplomacy                           Great Compromise
    Domino Theory                              Great Society
    Douglass, Frederick                       Green Revolution
    Dred Scott Case                             Habeas Corpus
    DuBois, W.E.B.                               Hamilton, Alexander
    Due Process                                   Harlem Renaissance
    Dust Bowl                                      Hawley-Smoot Tariff
    Duties                                            Heart of Atlanta Motel v. U.S.
    Edison, Thomas                            Hiss, Alger
    Eisenhower, Dwight                     Hitler, Adolf
    Elastic Clause                                Holocaust
    Electoral College                           Homestead Act
    Elkins Act                                       Hoover, Herbert
    Emancipation Proclamation        House of Representatives
    Embargo                                         Houston, Sam
    Engel v. Vitale                                Hull House
    EPA                                                  Human Rights
    Equal Rights Amendment              Hussein, Saddam
    Era of Good Feeling                        Immigration
    Espionage Act                                 Impeach
    European Union                              Imperialism
    Excise Tax                                        Implied Powers
    Ex parte Milligan                             Indentured Servants
    Ex post facto                                    Industrial Revolution
    Executive Branch                             Inflation
    Executive Privelege                         Interstate Commerce Act
    Fair Deal                                           Iran-Contra Affair
    Fascism                                             Iron Curtain
    FDIC                                                  Isolationism
    Federal Reserve                               Jackson, Andrew
    Federal Trade Commission             Jazz Age
    Federalism                                       Jim Crow Laws
    Federalist Papers                             Johnson, Andrew
    Fifteenth Amendment                     Johnson, Lyndon
    Fitzgerald, F. Scott                          Judicial Branch
    Fletcher v. Peck                               Judiciary Act of 1789
    Ford, Gerald                                     Kansas-Nebraska Act
    Ford, Henry                                      Kellogg-Briand Pact
    Fourteen Points                               Kennedy, John F.
    Franklin, Ben                                    Kent State
    Free Enterprise                                 King, Jr., Martin Luther
    Freedmen’s Bureau                          Kissinger, Henry
    Knights of Labor                               NATO
    Know-Nothings                                 Neutrality Acts
    Korean Conflict                                 New Deal
    Khomeini, Ayatollah                         New Freedom
    Krushchev, Nikita                             New Frontier
    Ku Klux Klan                                     New Jersey v. TLO
    Kuwait                                               New South
    Laissez-Faire                                      Nineteenth Amendment
    Lame Duck                                         Nixon, Richard
    League of Nations                             Northwest Ordinance
    Lee, Robert E.                                    Nullification
    Lend-Lease Act                                  Nuremberg Trials
    Lincoln, Abraham                              Oakies
    Literacy Tests                                    Oil Crisis
    Lobby                                                  OPEC
    Loose Constructionists                      Open Door Policy
    Louisiana Purchase                             PLO
    Love Canal                                          Panama Canal
    Lusitania                                             Pearl Harbor
    MacArthur, Douglas                           Pentagon Papers
    Madison, James                                  Persian Gulf Conflict
    Malcolm X                                           Platt Amendment
    Mandela, Nelson                                 Plessy v. Ferguson
    Manhattan Project                             Political Boss
    Manifest Destiny                                Pools
    Mao Zedong                                        Populist Party
    Mapp v. Ohio                                       Precedents
    Marbury v. Madison                            Progressive Era
    Market Economy                                 Prohibition
    Marshall Plan                                       Protective Tariffs
    Marshall, George C.                            Pump-Priming
    Marshall, John                                    Pure Food & Drug Act
    McCarthyism                                       Quotas
    McCulloch v. Maryland                      Radical Republicans
    Medicaid, Medicare                            Ratification
    Mediation                                            Reagan, Ronald
    Melting Pot                                         Reconstruction
    Mercantilism                                       Red Scare
    Mexican War                                       Referendum
    Miranda v. Arizona                             Reparations
    Missouri Compromise                         Republic
    Monopoly                                             Reserved Powers
    Monroe Doctrine                                 Robber Barons
    Monroe, James                                    Robinson, Jackie
    Morgan, J.P.                                         Rockefeller, John
    Muckrakers                                          Roe v. Wade
    Muller v. Oregon                                  Roosevelt, Eleanor
    Munich Conference                             Roosevelt, Franklin
    Munn v. Illinois                                   Roosevelt, Teddy
    Mussolini, Benito                                 Rust Belt
    NAACP                                                   Sacco-Vanzetti Trial
    Nader, Ralph                                         S.A.L.T.
    NAFTA                                                   Schechter Poultry v. U.S.
    National Origins Act                            Schenck v. U.S.
    National Security Act                          Scopes Monkey Trial
    Nativist                                                 Sectionalism
    SEC                                                       Veronia School v. Acton
    Security Council                                  Vertical Integration/Merger
    Segregation                                         Veto Power
    Senate                                                  Vietnam Conflict
    Separation of Power                           Vietnamization
    Shays’ Rebellion                                  Voting Rights Acts
    Sherman Anti-Trust Act                       Wabash v. Illinois
    Sit-Ins                                                   Wade Davis Bill
    Slavery                                                  War of 1812
    Social Darwinism                                 War Bonds
    Social Security System                        War Hawks
    Socialism                                              War Powers Act
    Solid South                                          Warren Commission
    Sovereignty                                         Warren Court
    Soviet Union                                        Washington, Booker T.
    Spanish-American War                       Washington, George
    Square Deal                                          Watergate Affair
    Stalin, Josef                                         Webster, Daniel
    Stamp Act                                            Whiskey Rebellion
    Steinbeck, John                                  Wilson, Woodrow
    SDI                                                       Worcester v. Georgia
    Strict Constructionists                        WPA
    Strike                                                    World Trade Organization
    Suffrage                                                WWI
    Superpower                                          WWII
    Supreme Court                                      Xenophobia
    Sweatshops                                           Yalta Conference
    Taft, William Howard                            Yellow Journalism
    Tariffs                                                     Yeltsin, Boris
    Teapot Dome Affair                               Zimmerman Note
    Thirteenth Amendment
    Three-Fifths Compromise
    Three R’s
    Thurmond, Strom
    Tinker v. DesMoines
    Tonkin Gulf Resolution
    Trail of Tears
    Treaty of Ghent
    Treaty of Versailles
    Trickle-Down Theory
    Truman, Harry
    Truth, Sojourner
    Tubman, Harriet
    Twain, Mark
    Tweed Ring
    U2 Incident
    Uncle Tom’s Cabin
    Unicameral Legislature
    United Nations
    U.S. v. E.C. Knight
    U.S. v. Nixon
    Unwritten Constitution

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