• Personal Finance WebQuest Rubric


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    Personal Finance WEBQUEST Rubric


    Possible Points

    Points Earned

    Careers Page contains the necessary information:

    ü        Occupation Choice

    ü        Income Data

    ü        Education

    ü        Outlook for employment

    ü        Website used






    Budget Page contains necessary information:

    ü        Annual Budget

    ü        Monthly Budget

    ü        Website used





    Housing page contains the necessary information:

    ü        Location of home

    ü        Purchase price

    ü        Actual cost

    ü        Mortgage amount 15 yrs

    ü        Mortgage amount 30 yrs

    ü        Number of bedrooms

    ü        Website used






    Car page contains the necessary information:

    ü        Make & Model

    ü        New or used

    ü        Purchase price

    ü        Total cost of vehicle with interest

    ü        Monthly payment (include #of years)

    ü      Website used





    Investment Portfolio page contains necessary information:

    ü        List of investments

    ü        Amount invested

    ü        Rate of return for each investment

    ü        Risk factor

    ü        Website(s) used





    Summary page (s):General summary of each of the above categories

    ü        Why did you choose what you did?

    ü        What future changes will you make?

    ü      What have you learned from this project?





    Portfolio Presentation

    ü        Portfolio neat & organized

    ü        Worksheets neat & organized

    ü        Portfolio includes diagrams, pictures, & artwork

    ü        Overall Effort?