• Global 10 Current Events



    You are to find a news article that reports about events happening around the world that pertains to the topics we are discussing in class. Read the Article and complete the following:

    1. Article Summary: What is the article about, written in your own words. DO NOT Plagiarize; plagiarism is the passing off of someone else’s work as your own.
    2. Article Analysis: Answer the following in analyzing the affects of this news:
      1. How does this news affect the people living in the area that it occurred?
      2. How might this news affect you?
      3. How does this News connect to what is being discussed in class?
      4. What made you choose this article?
    3. Article Citation: You must cite the source of your news Article using the MLA Style of citation:


      1. Newspaper or Magazine Article

    Author’s Name (last name first). “Article’s Title in quotation marks” Name of Newspaper or Magazine - underlined Date of publication page # or section


                   Di Rado, Alicia. "Trekking through College: Classes Explore Modern

                   Society Using the World of Star Trek." Los Angeles Times 15 Mar. 1995: A3.

    1.   Newspaper or Magazine Article on the Internet
    2. Author’s Name (last name first). “Title of article in quotation marks” Name of Newspaper or magazine (underlined) volume or issue number Date of publication Date accessed <web address in angled brackets>

                    Andreadis, Athena. "The Enterprise Finds Twin Earths Everywhere It

                    Goes, But Future Colonizers of Distant Planets Won't Be So Lucky."Astronomy 64- . Jan. 1999: 7 Feb. 1999 <http:// web.lexis-nexis.com/universe>.

    Articles read must be at least 4 paragraphs long, your report will be TYPED and you should use proper spelling,  grammar, and punctuation. This assignment MUST BE submitted to turnitin.com failure to do so results in a ZERO



    Current Events HW

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