• Military Conflicts Reading


    This Week's Reading:

    Journal Entry #1 Due 23 February 2018


    Lyons (ALL)

    •    Chapter 3: Rise of Dictators

    •    Chapter 5: Blitzkrieg in the East - Sitzkrieg in the West

    •    Chapter 7 The Fall of France

    •    Chapter 8: Britain Still an Island



    Class Discussion (Pick 2)

    • Why Study War? (Including Rules of War)
    • Legacy of World War I / Causes of World War II
    • Rise of Dictators


    Videos  (ALL)

    •       Appeasement Video
    •      Facsism Video
    •       All Dictator Videos



    Journal Entry #2 Due 23 March 2018


    Lyons (ALL)

    • Chapter 10: “Operation Barbarossa: Dream of Lebensraum”

    • Chapter 13: “Japan Triumphant, December 1941-42”

    • Chapter 14: “The Tide Turns in the Pacific”

    • Chapter 24: “Island Hopping in the Pacific.”


    Class Discussion (Choose 2)

    • Blitzkrieg in East; Sitzkrieg in the West - Including War in the West

    • Fall of France

    • Battle of Britain

    • Defending the Blitz

    • US Pre-War “Involvement”


    Videos (ALL)

    • Phony War Video

    • "Dunkirk" Movie Trailer

    • Battlefield Britain: The Battle of Britain



    Journal Entry #3 Due 4 May 2018


    Lyons Readings  (ALL)

    • Dower Chapter 1
    • Chapter 20
    • Chapter 15
    • Chapter 21


    Classroom Discussions (Choose 2)

    • US Gets involved in the War: Pearl Harbor
    • US Gets Involved in the War: “Day of Infamy” Speech
    • Mapping the War in the Pacific
    • Patterns of Race War in the Pacific


    Videos (ALL)

    • Tora, Tora, Tora
    • Battle of the Coral Sea  short - Australia
    • 20th Century Battlefields: Midway
    • Battle of Guadalcanal short
    • Flag Raising on Iwo Jima 
    • Battle of Okinawa short



    Journal Entry #4 Due 8 June 2018


    Lyons Readings

    •     Chapter 22
    •     Chapter 19
    •     Chapter 23
    •     Chapter 26
    •       Aftermath


    Classroom Discussions

    • Turning the Tide in Europe : Where to Strike First
    •       Invasion of North Africa & Italy
    •       Home Front
    •     Operation Overlord
    •     ETO: The Allied Advance - The Push to Defeat the Axis




    •     Ken Burn’s The War: All Homefront clips
    •     Band of Brothers: Episode 6: Bastogne


    Military Conflicts Journal Assignment

    Throughout the semester you will be keeping a journal for this class. This will be the main assessment as far as homework is concerned. It will be evaluated twice per marking period (see course outline for dates) all journal entries will be in standard writing form. Your Journals will include the following:


    Lyons Summary & Critique


    Lyons Chapter & Title




    • What is this chapter about? (events, battles, policy decisions)
    • Who is involved in this chapter? (important leaders both political & military, other people)
    • Why are these events and people important?
    • How do the events & people affect the war?




    • How do you feel about how Lyons writes about the subject? (Good, bad, indifferent, why?), what is his point of view? Do you agree? Disagree?


    Class Discussion 

    Choice two (2) issues / events from class and write about it.

    • Summarize the issue / event,
    • describe why it is/was important to the overall conflict,
    • questions you may have on the issue / event,
    • why you chose to write about it, and
    • Have we / can we learn from it for today’s world.


    Film Critique


    Briefly summarize and critique any films / video we have watched in class up to the Journal’s due date.

    • What was the film / video about?
    • Did it help explain the issue / event it portrayed?
    • If a Hollywood production, do you think it was accurate to the actual issues / events?
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