Welcome to Ceramics!   


       This is a one semester course that introduces the basic vocabulary and “hands-on” techniques of clay.  

       We will be using low-fired earthenware clay to create a variety of projects.

       The projects you make will be bisque-fired in our kiln, and you will be able to choose from a selection of glazes to decorate them.

       After being fired for a second time, you can bring your ceramics home!   

       You will be asked to keep a ceramic journal to record your ideas and glaze combinations.

       You will be provided with a sketchbook to use as your ceramic journal. Remember to write your name in it, and to date your ideas and drawings.   


    Pinch Pots

    Coil Pot

    Slab mug                              

    Slip-Cast Sculpture                                                                                 

    Famous Artist lidded Cookie Jar                                                                    

    Research a Ceramic Artist                                                     

    Wheel thrown Bowl                                                                                

    Dinner set (plate, bowl & cup)  (Final Exam)  


    Grades will be based on weekly participation and completion and evaluation of projects based on the project criteria.

    Please bring a folder to class for handouts and vocabulary packets. 


    Students who complete Beginning Ceramics may take another ceramic class for Advanced Ceramics credit. The Advanced Ceramics curriculum goes over more advanced techniques and vocabulary, and allows the student to explore and improve upon the techniques and concepts learned in Basic Ceramics.


    I look forward to sharing my favorite art medium with you! 


    If you have any questions, please email me at;




    Mrs. Shultis


    Cool creative tea pot design  Matryoshkas de las pinturas de Frida:  Bad Art? 10 Bizarre & Shocking Works Of Art To Buy Online


     Inspiring ideas;




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    YouTube Ceramic Videos that are mesmerizing:


    The slide show shows examples of beginning and advanced student work.