Studio in Art 1


    A  R T

           Welcome to Studio in Art 1. This is an introductory art course designed to familiarize you with a wide variety of basic art concepts, materials, vocabulary, techniques, and the history of artists, art styles and art periods. 

       The course is also centered around learning the Elements of Art and Principles of Design. You will learn the Elements and Principles through hands-on exercises and projects. The projects are interwoven in art history studies as we progress from prehistoric art into modern art.

       Please bring a folder to class to organize your notes, handouts, and personal sketches. A sketchbook for brainstorming will be provided.

       Grades will be based on effort. You will often be asked to fill out self-assessment forms in order to voice your opinion of the effort you have put into each assignment.  Excessive absences, misuse of classroom time, poor clean-up habits, and handing in assignments late can affect your grade. You will also receive a participation grade each week which is based on your time on task during the class period.

       Below are some of the exercises, discussions and projects that we will be covering in this course. Due to many variables in the school classroom, this is just an approximation of the curriculum for this course.  

    Intoduction to materials
    Witch/Vase drawing
    Cave art exploration
    Igor Stravinsky upside down drawing
    Modified contour of a shoe
    Blind contour
    Grid drawing
    Gesture drawing
    Perspective drawing
    Value scales and shapes
    Still-life with value
    Egyptian hieroglyphics
    Color wheel
    Color value scales
    Monochrome painting
    Ceramic Greek shields
    Midterm collage
    Medieval Illuminated Letter
    Renaissance portraits
    Research an artist
    Asian wall scroll
    Field Trip to Lehman/Loeb Gallery 
    Impressionistic still-life with pastels
    Final composition