Junior path to success  



    Juniors Calendars


    SEPTEMBER: Register with payment for PSAT's, PSAT's usually to be given on the third Satuday in October in the morning. All juniors are encouraged to take the PSAT as it provides valuable information for students, in conjuction with their school counselor to use for future planning. 
    • Take PSATs
    • Take advantage of College Night programs and representatives as announced on the student service bulletin board. 

    DECEMBER:  Get PSAT results and make an appointment with school counsler to discuss results. 


    • Course Selection booklets are distributed to the students, the student should make an appointment with their school counselor to create senior year schedules, review their transcript, and discuss future plans.
    • Make a tentative list of three to five colleges that seem to meet some of your criteria.  Use Naviance, if you do not remember your Naviance id or password see Student Services. 
    • Investigate U.S. Military Academies, if interested.  All academies, except Coast Guard and the Merchant Marine, require nomination.  Contact your U.S. representative and senators expressing your desire fornomination.
    • Initiate application for R.O.T.C. Scholarship - Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.
    • Apply online for and take the SAT, SAT II and ACT test given in the spring.


    JUNE:  Start writing to or e-mailing colleges.  Give your year of graduation and high school.  If you know what program you want, mention that.  Ask for an application, financial aid information, and latest official catalog.  Making contact, also known as demonstrated interest, is usually considered in the application process--take advantage of this.
    SUMMER:  Seek a job or volunteer experience that will provide career experiences to help you make decisions about college majors.