• Last Lap for Seniors


    Planning for Post High School in Your Senior Year (Graduation and Beyond!!)

    During the senior year, contact with students is on an individual basis.  In September, we review the transcripts, making certain that graduation requirements have or will be met.  We meet with seniors at the seniors request to review the transcript, their schedule, and discuss their plans for after graduation.

    During the fall semester of the senior year, college bound students should continue visiting college campuses, meet with college representatives, attend college fairs, meet with armed service recruiters, register for college entrance exams, and obtain financial aid information.  Contact with the school in any fashion can be considered important in the application process.  Students are encouraged to communicate with a prospective school in as many ways as possible (i.e. meeting with a college representative, attend college fairs, tour campus, e-mail, writing, interviews, etc.)

    The process of developing post high school plans is unique to each individual.  The importance of communication can not be stressed enough.  If the communication is good, the appropriate planning will result and ultimately your goals will come to fruition.

  •  Communication is key



    - Make appointment to see school counselor

    Request teacher/counselor recommendations, complete resume

    - Register early for October or November SAT I/SAT II

    - Finalize college lists

    - Consider carefully your responsibilities if applying for Early Decision or Action, submit applications. Communcate this information with your school counselor.

    - Check deadlines for AP Tests


    Attend Financial Aid Night

    - File FAFSA or other appropriate aid forms after October 1st

    - Review for SAT / ACT

    - Work on College essay

    - Review transcript with school counselor

    - Plan college interview

    - Check for local college fairs and representative visits at school. SIgn up in Naviance.

    - If you apply Early Decision be aware of deadlines, including financial aid deadlines.



    - SAT I and SAT II / ACT

    - Send early decision/Action applications

    - Keep organized and up to date!

    - Research sources for private outside scholarships throughout the year

    - Register for December ACT (if appropriate)

    - File CSS Profile(This is an additional financial aid form) if applying early (check your colleges' requirements)



    - SAT I and SAT II / ACT

    - Finish applications and essays to selective colleges; go over w/counselor, teacher or parent

    - Check all college application deadlines

    - Talk with graduates who are home from college

    - Register for January SAT I and SAT II


    - Finish outstanding college applications


    - Communicate with school counselor to have mid-year forms/grades sent

    - Check/Apply for private scholarships on Naviance and the scholarship box in Student Services

    - Have you sent all necessary forms and applications for financial aid?


    - Send any new material to colleges which may help for them to help make a admission decision


    - Review your college responses and aid offers with your parents/ school counselor

    - Decide where you wish to visit if possible

    - Write withdrawal letters to colleges you will not attend

    - Make final decision—send deposit by May 1


    - Fill out dorm forms

    - Check arrangements for Stafford Loans

    - Send original and signed SAR(Student Aid Report) to your chosen college


    - Graduation

    - Have a Great Summer!

    - GOOD LUCK!


    -Enjoy yourself! You deserve it!