College Entrance Exams


    The ACT is the college entrance exam administered by the American College Testing Service.  In many cases college will accept the results of the ACT with college applications.  The exam contains four 35 to 50 minute sections in English usage, Mathematics usage, Social Studies reading and Science reading.  Both exams are fairly similar; however, the strong science student may do better in an ACT by virtue of their knowledge in the science content area.  If possible, taking both would be recommended.  The best scores are generally used in the application process.


    The SAT is the most widely used exam for college applications.  It is 3 hours and 45 minutes long and includes a writing section, a critical reading section and a math section.  The results generate 3 scores based on a scale of 200-800.  The essay section is 25 minutes long and represents 30% of the total score for the writing section.


    The SAT II’s are subject exams required by many selective colleges.  Each exam is one hour long and is offered in the following areas: Writing, Literature, U.S. History, World History, Math Level 1C, Math Level 11C, Biology E/M, Chemistry, Physics, and several Foreign Languages.  The most widely requested exam is in Writing.  Up to three exams may be taken on a given test date.  Although the schedule and process for registration and exam dates are very similar, you can’t take the SAT I and SAT II’s on the same date.  Red Hook High School is a test center for the November exam, Rhinebeck for the May exam and Hyde Park or Kingston High School for all other dates.  These are the most utilized test centers for Red Hook students although many others exist throughout the country.


    TOEFL and ELPT


    The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and the ELPT (English Language Proficiency) SAT II: Subject Test is designed to evaluate the English proficiency of students whose native language is not English.  They measure a student’s understanding of spoken and written standard American English.  Any student whose native language is not English, whose best language is not English, or who usually speaks a language other than English may find it necessary to take one of these exams.  These students should discuss this with their guidance counselor.


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