The choice of a high school course requires thoughtful, long-range planning. As a cooperative trio, the parent, guidance counselor, and student must face the task realistically and be as well informed as possible.

    We might begin by asking why we consider a high school education so important. It is the final formal education for some and for others it is preparation for college or additional training. We feel that for the individual it pays in terms of jobs, earnings and a more satisfying life. For all of us it pays in terms of providing the kind of citizens we need to make democracy work successfully.

    In deciding on the course of study each parent and pupil should give serious thought to the following:

    1. The profession, trade, skill or type of business activity the pupil is interested in at the time.

    2. The aptitude or ability shown by the pupil’s scores on various aptitude and achievement tests.

    3. The success of the pupil in the subjects they have taken in the past, measured in terms of grades received in each subject.

    It is not enough just to plan the program. Each pupil has a responsibility to learn as much as he/she can. Only through regular attendance and constant effort both at home and school can he hope to attain success and achieve a happy and satisfying life.  Parents are vitally interested in their children’s future and will want to take an active part in planning their programs. For this reason we have prepared for you this programming manual with the requirements for graduation, a description of subjects taught and other pertinent information.

    We encourage you to visit the school to discuss your child’s plans with the guidance counselor.
    Please click here for a pdf of the 2021-2022 Guidance Handbook and Student Course Selection Guide.