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    Linden Avenue Middle School Student Council  
    Grades 6 - 8
    The LASC has again been selected by the NASC as one of only a very few middle schools in the nation to be recognized with the
    This award recognizes schools across the nation that promote student leadership and service to community, and which provide year-round opportunities for student growth through activities.
    LAMS is the only middle school to earn this honor since it's inception.
    Congratulations LASC!
    Student Council Advisor Kim Goldhirsch is the 2023 New York State Middle Level Advisor of the Year.
     She was also awarded the Region 2 Middle Level advisor of the year in 2006. She now serves as the Middle Level expert/ trainer and as the state Finance Officer on the Executive Board of the NYS Council on Leadership and Student Activities.
    Purpose:    Student Council promotes the ideas of Leadership, Service, and Spirit.  We provide opportunities for all students to serve their school and community.  We believe that student leaders are vehicles for positive change within a school and that these leaders have a responsibility to be role models to others.  We practice democratic process and provide training which we feel is essential to the achievement of full potential.

    Students may begin their exposure to Student Council in Grades 6-8 in the Linden Avenue Student Council (LASC). This organization currently has more than 40 active members.

    We are proud of the work we have done and look forward to many more productive years!

    Student Council Advisor - Kim Goldhirsch & Diane Zduniak

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